idle is the smart availability tool that shields you from physical and digital interruptions while you work


Does your partner or housemate keep interrupting you on important work calls?

Have you ever been distracted by incoming notifications from Slack when screen sharing on Zoom or Teams?

Are you tired of being interrupted by colleagues who don't know that you're in the zone?

We created idle to fix this.


Hang your idle device on your bedroom door or put it on your desk. Whenever you're busy, either on a call or in the zone, your device will glow red to make sure everyone knows you're not free.


idle will also sync your availability across a range of communication platforms, for example setting your status to 'Do Not Disturb' on Slack, Teams and Zoom, so your colleagues know that you're busy. 

"It definitely helps with efficiency, disturbances can ruin my train of thought, ... now my Mum sees the signal that I'm busy so she's quieter when moving by the room"

- Louis Pincott, Management Consultant

"Every day I was either interrupted or interrupting someone else. It was usually someone needing something from the room ... or just asking questions. Now, by putting idle out, I'm putting myself in a confidential space

- Linda Hillery, Counsellor

Coming in 2021.

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