Equip your whole team with idle to support your employees' wellbeing while boosting your business' performance

At Home

Every day, millions of people working from home experience unwanted interruptions from the people they live with. idle lets everyone in the house know when you can and can't be disturbed.

In the Office

It can be difficult to indicate to your colleagues that you're in the zone. idle makes it clear to everyone around you that now isn't a good time.

Improve Mental Health

Support your employees at a time when they are feeling especially isolated and anxious. Both at home and in the office, idle helps to minimise this source of unnecessary stress.

Boost Efficiency, Save Money

Working from home creates a whole host of new distractions. idle keeps your employees focussed throughout the day and increases their productivity. 

Bulk Pricing

Businesses looking to implement idle will benefit from bulk order discounts, one-to-one customer service and technical support.

Speedy onboarding

idle is quick and simple to set up and will be delivered to your team, wherever they work.

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